Hello! you've arrived at a very special place. Because here you are about to get acquainted with a whole new concept of EXPLORING TOGETHER. Here you can receive keys that will enable you to live life with more pleasure, confidence, trust and connection. And with far less irritations, annoyance, anger and frustration. You can play with them, experiment, experience, learn AND become each other's sources of inspiration. 

Is  it hard? No. Is it practical?  Yes! Useful? Absolutely. Time-consuming? Not al all! Is it effective? Usually immediately. Does it make your life a bit easier?  Guaranteed. Does it help you in your relationships with others? Most certainly! Will you be less annoyed in general? A lot less. And is this program any fun?!  We promise.

A Circle of Understanding consists of 10 to 30 people.These are your Circle Companions. You can be either in the same class, work in the same team of department, live in the same street or be family and/or friends.  

Every four days, each of you receive a new key to understanding.  On your own online dashboard, which you will see automatically as soon as you've logged in. It provides you with access to all your challenges during the journey. And to the online platform where you share your experiences with your Circle Companions, and with no-one else. 

Every Circle of Understanding consists of 25 Keys, become available to you over a period of 100 days. 

Every Key consists of an insight, a brief explanation and a challenge to experiment and experience.  All in a maximum of 200 words, short, catchy and easy to understand. 

The Challenge is an invitation to try something new, something different, something maybe out of your comfort zone, something you didn't do or dared before.  

Share your experiences! Did you do the Challenge? Let your Circle Companions know what your discovered! Upload a message, a picture, a video or a podcast and inspire each other. Because it is this what makes Circles of Understanding so irresistible: every Companion is teacher and student, influencer and follower all at the same time. About things that REALLY matter and insights that bring wisdom and joy that last a lifetime.  

You are only six small steps away: 

1. You gather a group of 10 to 30 people. 

2. You agree to follow a Cirlce together and to share your experiences via your on dashboard on your exclusive and strictly private online platform. 

3. You send an email with first names, last names and email addresses of all participants to register@circlesofunderstanding.com

4. You will receive an invoice of € 19,95 times the number of participants. 

5. As soon as your payment is received, all participants receive an invitation to log in and the Circle of Understanding is launched.

6. Every four days, a new Key is released. Do you want to remind yourself to this in the easiest possible way? Set an 'appointment' in your digital agenda on the day the first Key is released. Click on 'Repeat', type in 'Every four days' and add '25 times'. If you like, you can add a notification as well. 

Ready for a super fast flyby? The first Circle is about the next topics:  

The meaning of diversity. The power of attention. Treat others the way they want to be treated. Genuine listening. The influence of question marks. Empathic questions. Counting each other's blessings. What your smile brings. Letting your light shine for others. Eye contact. Choosing for annoyance. Giving your opinion a day off. Turning everything off. Broadening your scope.  (Ab)normality. Learning to fall and get back up again. Opportunities are everywhere. Saying NO. Gratitude. The blessings of vulnerability. (Not) following others. The importance of playing. The impression you leave behind

25 eye openers with 25 challenges that invite you to discover new experiences: sometimes funny, sometimes endearing, sometimes profound. Together with this insight that, we hope, will stay with you forever: the most beautiful influence on your life is in your own heart, your own mind, your own hands.

All keys come with beautiful art work from photographers from all over the world. Look below for a small preview:

Absolutely! In consultation with participants of our Circles, our editorial staff will publish several new Circles of Understanding each year. Always about relevant themes and topics that contribute to the art of living with more understanding, compassion, and lenience. As well as with effective and pleasurable communication, collaboration and co-existence. If you have any suggestion about a theme or topic, please send us a message:    info@circlesofunderstanding.com.